Meet Jill

Jill is a 45-year old married teacher.  She would tell you she has two bonus children and a dog through her marriage to Chuck.

Jill was my original inspiration for the #NothingOrdinary line. She is by every definition an athlete.  At one point I had these Karr Bick Logo beach towels as a giveaway.  I gave one to Jill, and she started sending me pictures from her races and triathlons of the towel on her bike or sitting with her gear. She would say, “I am representing today!” Seeing how early she got up every morning and how aggressively she chased her goals inspired me. I felt part of it all somehow because my towel was part of it.

Fast forward to this idea we’ve adopted into our Karr Bick culture: every single day we strive for #NothingOrdinary.  I realized it extends to all things and all people.  Jill was 100% #NothingOrdinary in her pursuit of running a race in all 50 states, in the way she vigorously chases goals, and in the way she loves and takes care of the people around her.  I wanted her to be able to wear a reminder on her sleeve that what she does is nothing short of extraordinary.  I also wanted to reminders of what it is I strive to be.  Never stop trying. Never stop fighting. Never stop challenging yourself. Do not stop trying to shift the world or bring the magic.

Me:  “Who has been your most powerful mentor in life?”

Jill:  “My Co-Workers. I work with two amazing who are teachers and have three children.  Their husbands work nights and I don’t know how they do it.  Also, my husband. (but don’t tell him, he has a big head already).”