Meet Adam

Adam is our Wendy’s husband.  They have two very tall almost adult boys and love to listen to live music and camp.  He is also affectionately known as “our granite guy!”

I would say Adam certainly challenges me.  We come at most profound discussions from divergent planets.  But somehow we remain good friends, are respectful of each other’s limits and make endless attempts to listen to one another’s point of view.  This is really quite spectacular given how intensely demonstrative we both can be. He is in active pursuit of the live music experience.  He rides his mountain bike (that does not have gears) all over the Midwestern woods and backcountry.  He reads Steven King and Hemmingway and Bradbury (someday I will get him to read my favorite) but also finds The Onion a good read.  Here is Adam in all his complexity, in his own words:

Me:  “Do you have a favorite saying or motto that drives you?”

Adam: “I have some favorite quotes from Tolkien, Seuss or Twain…”
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” - Seuss

“All that is gold does not glitter; all who wander are not lost.” -Tolkien

“The crownless again shall be king.” - Tolkien